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This document mentions detailed Terms & Conditions which makes the base of commitment between KNY Web Solutions (“we”, “our”) and you(“visitor”, “customer”). You are requested to read this document to have a better understanding of our plans and processes. Your registration with services of KNY Web Solutions will be done only after you agree to all these terms and conditions.

Support Process

KNY Web Solutions provides dual method of support via phone or via secure platform over the internet. If you want to stay on the phone and follow verbal instruction by our tech support officer then you can ask for staying over the phone, else you can grant permission to us to get connected to your computer through secure platform and work on it in front of you. Support Sessions which we establish can only be done once you agree to it and allow for the same. Our support session process and technicalities of the secure platform tool doesn’t permit us to get connected to your computer without your permission. We will only use the secure platform with your computer registered with us and we will not be responsible for other computers at your place. KNY Web Solutions will take every possible, genuine, and logical effort to fix your computer problem or to suggest you the next course of steps towards resolution.

Usage Policy

KNY Web Solutions respects and values your relation with us and hopes that will make a fair use of our services. We will do our best to always be up to your expectations and help you with problems that you might face on your computer. You must use our services only for the computers which you have registered with us and not for unregistered computers. You should not use our service for others like your relatives and friends. KNY Web Solutions has all the rights to bar your services if we feel that your calls to us our intentionally done only for disturbing and harassing our staff. You will not be refunded in any of such intentional misconducts. You will not use any or all portions of our website, will not try to hack our servers, information, email ids or do anything which could result in damaging our image. Limitation to act

You agree that should there be any case where KNY Web Solutions is held accountable for any reason, then in no case the liability of KNY Web Solutions will be greater than the amount paid to KNY Web Solutions for services purchased. We will not be responsible for any charge that may incur on your card if it gets declined while making the transaction for reasons like “short on funds” etc. KNY Web Solutions can anytime review, modify, or change the terms and conditions as appearing and the same will always be updated on our website.


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